ChatGPT and Curriculum Writing: Letting AI Be Your Thought Partner

ChatGPT and curriculum writing

When it comes to curriculum writing, AI can be a useful tool and thought partner. Kristina Fulton, a Curriculum and Instruction Specialist at Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 in Pennsylvania, leveraged ChatGPT when drafting a Curriculum Storyboard for Grade 7 Mathematics.

Streamlining the Curriculum Review: First Impressions by Nancy Lhoest-Squicciarini

The concepts behind Streamlining the Curriculum were impacting educators and curriculum writers far before its publication, but it’s also making an impression in its own right. When Heidi Hayes Jacobs spoke with longtime facilitator and trainer Nancy Lhoest-Squicciarini about her thoughts after reading the book, she quickly shared three observations that caught her eye. 1. […]

Developing a French 1 Curriculum Storyboard with Lauren McMinn

Finding new approaches related to education can turn out to be a transformative experience, specifically when they tend to originate from unexpected sources. Lauren McMinn of World of Learning Institute (WOL) was introduced to Curriculum Storyboards by Olivia Grugan, who shared her inspiration after hearing Heidi Hayes Jacobs speak at the PASCD annual conference. Lauren’s initial […]

Yes, Students Should Be Able To Tell the Story of Algebra 2

That’s right. Students should be able to tell the narrative story of Algebra 2 … and Rocks and Minerals in third grade … and Chemistry. It’s a mark of true comprehension. It is something students who have not only grasped concepts but are involved with them are able to do. It’s also at the heart […]