Curriculum Storyboards is Rooted in Streamlining

“Every year more and more is packed into the school year with almost no evidence of cutting back. Both teachers and learners feel overwhelmed. The pandemic exacerbated the problem. Coverage. Coverage. Coverage. No wonder there has been a sense of curricular fatigue reported by teachers.” – Allison Zmuda & Heidi Hayes Jacobs, “Streamlining Curriculum” The […]

3 Approaches To Uncovering Learning Loss And Learning Gains … TO WHAT END?

From sardonic opinions to marketing tactics, system leaders have been deluged with a torrent of commentary and predictions about learning loss. The leadership challenge right now is to sort out the obvious reality of losses that have occurred because of the pandemic from nebulous abstractions of loss. It is tempting to slide back into content coverage and […]

Profile Of A Right Now Learner: Uncovering Learning Loss And Learning Gains

Given the extraordinary demands on school communities throughout the pandemic, there is real concern about where students are in their foundational skills, conceptual understanding, and ability to apply their learning in novel situations. This concern, framed as “learning loss,” includes choices to cut out or cut back on unit topics, challenges of student engagement in […]

3-Part Process For Making Deliberate Curriculum Choices:

What to cut out? Cut back on? Consolidate? Keep? Create? Educators face a critical challenge:  how to engage their learners in a curriculum that is responsive to where their students are right now — addressing learning losses and gains — in service to where they aspire to be. Over the past year, all of us have had […]