Case Study: Implementation After Curriculum Storyboards Workshop


Educators from Shaler Area School District attended a three-day World of Learning Curriculum Storyboards workshop with Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Allison Zmuda in June 2023 and have since implemented the practice within their classrooms.

Shaler teachers Brunella Truby, Darla Hursh, and Amy Scariot discuss the impact of Curriculum Storyboards on their curriculum writing, teaching, and students, and encourage other educators to attend this summer’s storyboarding workshop in Schnecksville, PA.

How have Curriculum Storyboards impacted your students?

Brunella Truby: “My students were very excited at the beginning of the year, when they saw the storyboard in front of them, it was definitely a visual. In the past, students don’t even know what curriculum is. And now they understand what they’re going to learn from beginning to end because they have a visual that they can actually interact with.”

Amy Scariot: “My students progress has increased. They’re enjoying how things tie together, they’re seeing how things that they’re doing in class, transfer over to the Learning Support classroom, we were able to take a story that we’re reading, and I can show them how, you know, grammar fits in here as well. And so we do a lot more of integrating of their subjects. And it’s not the same thing every day.”

Darla Hursh: “I think storyboarding has impacted the various learners in the classroom, because it’s enabled us to teach in all of the different ways and really let each child’s different expertise and areas shine. If we know a kiddo does better with kinesthetic learning, then we can alter the storyboard and those lessons to really hone in on that aspect.”

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