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Streamlining the Curriculum: Using the Storyboard Approach

April 23, 2024

First Educational Resources
Virtual Session: 10AM-Noon EST

Heidi Hayes Jacobs will lead this featured workshop. Take a hard look at our overburdened, dated curricular practices and learn a better way –one built on the power of narrative. 

The storyboard approach casts students as the heroes of the learning journey. Instead of passive recipients, they become protagonists, actively engaged in exploring new ideas, solving problems, finding connections, enlisting allies, and acquiring new skills and understandings to apply to both present and future challenges.

Storyboarding Summer Institute at CLIU 21

June 12-14, 2024
Allentown, PA

Based on their best-selling book, Streamlining the Curriculum: Using the Storyboard Approach to Frame Compeling Learning Journeys, (ASCD, 2023), Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Allison Zmuda will guide participants through a transformative process.

We will convert existing curriculum into connected narratives using the storyboard approach. Discover how to make students active partners in their educational journey, ensuring a curriculum that speaks their language through accessible text and compelling imagery.

More information coming soon.