Presenting Curriculum Storyboards to a Packed Room at the ASCD Conference


Since the Curriculum Storyboards concept launched last year with the publication of our book, Streamlining the Curriculum: Using the Storyboard Approach to Frame Compelling Learning Journeys (ASCD, 2023), Heidi Hayes Jacobs and I have seen excitement and enthusiasm by curriculum writers around the globe.

This was evidenced at the ASCD Conference last month when Heidi and I presented to a packed room of more than 100 people. We actually had to bring in extra chairs – and many actually had to sit on the floor – because we ran out of room!

It was also wonderful to present with Heidi in person, which creates energy we can’t capture when presenting together virtually. It was one of the rare times she and I had the opportunity to collaborate within the same space – something we’re looking forward to doing again at the Pennsylvania ASCD Conference Workshop in June.

It was an opportunity to share the power of curriculum storyboards, seamlessly interacting with one another. A joy to present with Heidi.

Another highlight was Kristina Fulton, a curriculum and instruction specialist at Lancaster-Lebanon IU13, giving her insight into the Curriculum Storyboard process. Kristina read our book on a family vacation and was energized enough to create her own storyboard.

Watch the interview I did with Kristina in February, when she walked our audience through her storyboarding journey.

Heidi and I are thrilled that Curriculum Storyboards has taken off the way it has and are hoping to host another packed house at the PASCD Summer Institute in June. If you are interested in attending, please register today.

You can also take a look at the videos on our YouTube channel, where we have case studies of curriculum writers and their storyboarding process.

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