Greshma Momaya’s Streamlining the Curriculum Takeaways

It makes an author’s heart beam when engaging in conversation with someone who really was moved by something you wrote. Greshma Momaya shared her takeaways from Streamlining the Curriculum, describing our book to be “essential reading for all educators in India.” I had the pleasure of speaking with Greshma in a LIVE Q&A, on which we spoke about the following ideas as she shared her Streamlining the Curriculum takeaways:
  • The tyranny of unit and lesson plan templates. Where the granular details of filling them out deflates energy and creativity.
  • The need to streamline. There is too much stuff to cover and the way we are covering it does not have the desired impact on the students.
  • The value of genres to open up the curriculum narrative. Consider how to play with a topic, theme, issue, case study, or problem to open up fresh thinking for students as they make connections and design more authentic assessments to demonstrate learning.
  • The episodic nature and the structure of Engage, Examine, Act to inspire. The use of this structure to frame the narrative also is deliberately designed in the curriculum storyboards and learning sets. Being able to see a learning path provides clarity about the target, space to inquire, and opportunity to do something based on the experience.
  • The power of the students as navigators of their own story. Because the learning content is only part of what we do in schools. This is at the heart of personalized learning — the human being whose self-discovery continues to drive their curiosity, imagination, and action.

Once the conversation was over, I asked her offline to share how her curriculum narratives are coming alive for the school she will be opening in 2024.

I am sure that Greshma’s energy, commitment, and vision will truly help make a wondrous learning experience for all of her staff and students.

About the Authors

Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Allison Zmuda conceptualized Curriculum Storyboards during the COVID-19 pandemic as a response to districts needing a way to better communicate curriculum to parents. Streamlining the Curriculum: Using the Storyboard Approach to Frame Compelling Learning Journeys was born out of that concept and the approach has become a game-changing resource for educators. To learn more about working with Heidi or Allison, visit or

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