Coaching for Alignment of Learning Targets

It is exciting to see learning targets in the curriculum storyboard. It really helps when students can see in advance what they will be expected to demonstrate learning. And, the more explicit and focused the target, the more likely they will hit it. Although many people are indicating a target with the opening phrase “I […]

Awakening the Innate Storyteller

What does a great story teller have in common with a great teacher? The ability to explain, entice, provoke curiosity and mystery to invite you into pursuing the unknown–the story not yet told. How might we capture an evocative story as we design our curriculum? As a coach, I find it helpful for curriculum designers […]

Inviting Students to Tell Their Side of the Story

By Bena Kallick Whenever we tell the curriculum story — we, in effect, are the storytellers. It is from the teacher’s point of view. While we work hard to make certain that the story is told in accessible and compelling language, how are the students connecting with it? How does the ongoing story help guide […]

Developing a French 1 Curriculum Storyboard with Lauren McMinn

Finding new approaches related to education can turn out to be a transformative experience, specifically when they tend to originate from unexpected sources. Lauren McMinn of World of Learning Institute (WOL) was introduced to Curriculum Storyboards by Olivia Grugan, who shared her inspiration after hearing Heidi Hayes Jacobs speak at the PASCD annual conference. Lauren’s initial […]

Yes, Students Should Be Able To Tell the Story of Algebra 2

That’s right. Students should be able to tell the narrative story of Algebra 2 … and Rocks and Minerals in third grade … and Chemistry. It’s a mark of true comprehension. It is something students who have not only grasped concepts but are involved with them are able to do. It’s also at the heart […]

How to Design a Winning Curriculum Storyboard

Curriculum Storyboards are designed as a narrative framed in the language of the target audience – the students.  At first glance, a storyboard appears simple. It is a clear, concise, and engaging overview of the year. But the truth is that a storyboard is initially drafted and then vetted and refined by classroom teachers and […]

Whoa! A New Framework for Curriculum Design

In a recent presentation with Eduplanet21, Heidi Hayes Jacobs and I showed a Curriculum Storyboards example written by a fifth-grade teacher at Virginia Beach City Public Schools. When I look at this example, my eye is immediately drawn to the visuals. I see the roller coaster and then my eye follows that up to the […]

Curriculum Is Not a Script

“The job of teaching is not to ‘execute’ the paper curriculum irrespective of results, any more than it is the coach’s job to execute the playbook irrespective of the score. The teacher’s job is to flesh out the lessons in the curriculum and adjust instruction, whenever needed, to ensure optimal learning and performance. Given that […]

How Curriculum Storyboards Provided Better Time Management to One First Grade Teacher

Books created by first grade students

Laying out traditional curriculum within a storyboard provided efficiency and organization Last August, I conducted a virtual presentation to teachers at Colegio Maya in Guatamala, clarifying the Curriculum Storyboards concept and providing design feedback to the teachers. Today I had the pleasure of meeting the teachers for the first time, hearing from one of the […]